Mineral World No.1 Coffee by Toshikawa 世界 No.1 ミネラル珈琲、起業します。

起業家 KENANNA さん KENANNAさんのプロフィール画像

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After I graduated from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, I worked for Educational Equipment Distribution Company and my position was Top leader of Import Deparment and also for domestic Sales Director. After the Company, My Coffee Invention was Broad Casted NHK TV on November 1, 1984 but Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe Area. In March 1985 I established IJB Coffee and my invented Coffee were Distributed through a leding foods distributor for Jasco( At present Ion Group) and Seiyu Stores. Due to Big Foods Distibutors competetion, I lost the businessa for distributionof Supermarkets. I had to Change the Coffee Distribution .....
Finally I made ... At last everything you ever longed for in a Coffee. I have a common sense and have a warm hearted Man.
As to makoing Great Taste Coffee Ken Toshikawa is absoluate World No.1 class person. Hopefully you join us as Business Partner!!!

立命館大学卒業、教材会社で輸入担当 30代 1984年11月1日、NHK TV 近畿地区珈琲鮮度の発明者として放送されました。翌年の3月にコーヒー会社起業し、ジャスコ(現イオン)と西友ストアで好評発売されました。良識があり、心が温かい男です。


①An Innovative World No.1 Coffee MINERAL Coffee which was Invented and Developed by Kenichi Toshikawa, Osaka Japan.
Scientifically Improved by authorized Analysis Center.
画期的なコーヒー誕生!! 世界No.1 ミネラルコーヒー、栄養成分は科学的に分析づみです。
② For Overseas Market - A\'NNA M\'AMBO WORLD PREMIUM BLACK 390ml, Compatible Capsule Coffee - Nespresso (6g)
A\'NNA M\'AMBO CAFE - Espresso 10g x 3 kinds and Green Tea 4g
World Wide Distribution from Japan. 世界中に日本から輸出 A\'NNA M\'AMBO 390ml, A\'NNA M\'AMBO カプセル珈琲 Nespressoと互換性あり、国内用は、返礼品ギフトとして、愛知県JA葬儀会館に4月から納品しました。大手のパンチェイン店とかいろいろ話がきております。
3,000万円から1億円の投資者, Busine Partnerと直接、率直なお話しできることをきぼうします。Hopefully I discuss with you frankly. Seeking Angel Investor or Business Partner.
After Established the Start Up Companies - We apply amazon launchpad and after that if possible it, we\'d like to have a A\'NNA M\'AMBO USA INC. in Los Angels. 登記後にamazon launchpadに商品申請します。We also do the Press Release for World Effective Debut! 世界デビュのために効果的なプレスリリースをします。
I have a Supeior Business Sense! 私 才能 能力 OK


3,000万円の資金の場合 In case of Japanese Yen 30,000,000 investment: We use it
For 10,000,000 Yen is for Drip Bag Production Machines x 2,
the related facility including Coffee Mill.
①1,000万円はドリップバッグ珈琲製造設備 x 2台、
②大阪今里工場の保証金に50万円 Deposit Money for Osaka Factory
500,000 Yen.
③愛知県本社、関東圏工場 兼 配送センター
Aich Head Office & Kanto area Factory and delivery center
Website, Facebook,Instagram, Press Release.
We plan to use it 4,500,000 Yen.
ホームページ、プレスリリース、Facebook, Instagram
As Business Money for Purchasing, Importing, Fee for Factory, Head Office, Everday Money, Salaries, etc.,)
Minimum money is 30,000,000 Japanese Yen in order to Start up the company. 起業するには最低30,000,000万円は必要です。
Under the best cooperation at IJAB Foods, Inc. I can business 30,000,000Yen

④ Bank deposit 15,000,000 Yen for Purchasing, Business Fees, Imported Foods from India. so on
 ホームページ、Facebook, Instagram, Press Release


As to the Profit from the Business.
1. After Established the company, we can to make 300,000 Yen Profit Every Month at least. But this is very Important that we try do Challenge for amazon launchpad, Exporting for A\'NNA M\'AMBO WORLD PREMIUM BLACK Coffee 390ml for Several Selected Counties, the Minimum shipment over 276,000 cans (11,500 carton boxes, 24 a box).and domestic market for Bread and Cakes shops. 起業する会社の予想収益は毎月30万円はできますが、輸出、amazon launchpadに採用されるかどうか、パン、ケーキ屋さんへの販売網の構築によって収益が大幅にかわってきます。
どういうかたちのとうしか、又はBusiness Partnerとしてのd参加か .....
いづれにせよ、お会いして、率直な話になります。まづEmailのやりとりから。I welcome from your inquiry if you feel Good this busineess preliminary projects please feel free contact me.


I welcome you if you do the business together on my Coffee Projects together with me. Let negotiate on this matter frankly.







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